Welcome to the Independent Dentist Networks

Independent Dentist Network (IDN) is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) which provides private practices the ability to leverage the purchasing power of a group to obtain significant                                                                                discounts from vendors, enabling independent dental practitioners to be competitive in this growing consumer market.

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           Group Practice Benefits


Our approach is unique. IDN Administrative Team does not work independently and represents the interests of the group. Cost-saving agreements are based on member’s needs, not a third-party determining a membership formulary. All members receive the same significant discounted pricing for products - True Transparency.   Dentists are not required to purchase all supplies or use preferred vendors to maintain membership.


Membership Benefits

Grow practice profitability

IDN members receive advantages associated with corporate dentistry purchasing power while maintaining complete ownership/control of their dental practice. This approach allows for improved profit margins without an increase in revenue. Members average cost-savings of 12% - 25% (no generic or “black market” supplies). In addition, members have access to a web-based, patient membership plan that is innovative and a successful practice growth strategy.

Professional Services

In addition to receiving great pricing on operational supplies, IDN has identified top-notched professional services as added value for members. These services are provided at a discounted rate for all members. Services include reimbursement specialist, dental transition, practice management, legal, human resource, and for those with children aspiring for a health career – private college admissions advising.

Concierge Services

No more frustration caused by poor customer service. IDN Team acts as an extension of your staff to address concerns, research new products and services, and negotiate the best prices. Our team allows our members more time for what matters most - patient care. 

Collaborate with Colleagues

Take advantage of a network of like-minded professionals through IDNs various communication channels. Our network includes a wide range of experience and specialties, ready to collaborate. 

Attend Pittsburgh’s Independent Dentist Network Seminar

Join your fellow members at the annual Independent Dentist Network Seminar, organized for and by the members. Earn CE credits, master new proficiencies, and make professional contacts with other doctors in the community

Continuing Education

Continuing Education (CE) is offered throughout the year based on membership needs. CE opportunities are announced through IDN's various communication channels.